Welcome to Secnet

Welcome to Secnet RM

Secnet RM is a risk management organisation that has been servicing the needs of numerous  organisations for over twenty years.

Secnet Risk Management was founded on the basic principles of ethical management and a strong customer focus. We are proud that our clients see us as being a value adding asset to their organisation by way of  assisting them in meeting their corporate governance needs by ensuring that all the requirements, accreditation’s, certifications, regulations and legislative responsibilities are known and understood.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most cost effective and simple risk management solutions to ensure the ongoing and successful continuity of their business.

Secnet Risk Management provides Risk Management, Environmental and Work Health and Safety services for various market sectors including the following:

  • Corporate.
  • Government.
  • Venues.
  • Sports.
  • Events.
  • Entertainment.
  • Defence.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Mining.
  • Construction.
  • Aviation.