» Protecting Company Data

Protecting Company Data

The top 10 problems that lead to organization data theft;

1 Not doing a network audit, which means organizations have no idea of what they’re trying to protect.
2 Not developing a security policy that is based on a thorough risk assessment.
3 Utilizing a ‘whack a mole’ approach to network patches
4 Failing to update detection software.
5 Doing a single vulnerability assessment instead of many regular ones.
6 Waiting for an attack to happen rather than proactively learning what is normal activity on the network and what’s not.
7 Not doing a thorough vulnerability assessment on the original network- once that network is rolled out other offices, any security breaches are automated and multiplied.
8 Not looking out for new systems on the network. If somebody plugs in a laptop it should automatically be scanned for viruses, correct passwords etc.
9 Not setting up automatic logging, so when something does go wrong there’s no way to work out how it happened.
10 Neglecting to adequately train all the network users about security issues.