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Incident Management Systems

Employing an Incident Management System in your business can dramatically increase company profits.

An outline of a Incident Management:

Performance Improvements & Pro-active safety management
• Ability to analyse and group incidents by cause, location, type, time and take pro-active steps to minimise the risk of incidents where they are most likely to happen, before they happen.
• Has the capability to automatically generate various standard letters or emails with selected data extracts from the database.
• Reduced time processing incidents and closing off incidents that can be archived away from the active jobs for ease of job management by exception.
• Ability to locate issues, items, people, incidents or whatever is required within the data base.

MS Access as the platform
• MS Access based IMS provides a far better control over data inputs, management and outputs than an Excel based system.
• Data is validated at entry to provide a quality approach and outcomes for improved business practices.
• Dramatically reduced risk of data loss due to inadvertent operator use.
• Very readable reporting arrangements that allow for customization to suit all of the disparate business groups involved with the business.

• Mandatory fields
• Selection from pre-determined lists
• Prompted Inputs when data is required
• Automatic data entry for audit control purposes
• Data protection. Events & Incidents can’t be deleted
• Auditable trail of actions taken
• Progressive status of incidents as they mature through the various stages
• Investigation issue tracking as each issue is chronologically presented and can be individually managed